9 Best plastic surgery website design examples & ideas to convert leads

The cosmetic industry has witnessed significant growth in the past few years. Consequently, we have seen a surge in plastic surgery treatments and practitioners. The best cosmetic surgery clinics have their own plastic surgery website designs online. Therefore, if you want to stand out and convert leads,  you need a professional-looking plastic surgery website.

Whether you want a new cosmetic surgery website design or need upgrades on the existing one, we got you! The Marketing 1776 web specialists are competent enough to build the perfect web designs for plastic surgeons. Plastic surgery website development requires critical and creative thinking - and we have all that.

First impressions matter, especially in the plastic surgery industry. Your website plays a huge role in convincing potential customers to visit your plastic surgery clinic. So, keep reading this website review if you want plastic surgeon website design ideas.

Benefits of a winning Plastic surgery web design for surgeons

A lot of effort goes into creating and running a winning cosmetic surgery website. On the brighter side, having a high-ranking site can significantly impact your leads and sales. The perfect plastic surgeon website design is a versatile marketing tool that you can use to achieve the vision you have for your cosmetic clinic. 

Here is how a professional website design for surgeons boosts business.

  1. Clients can reach you 24/7.
  2. Your clients can consult you remotely with ease.
  3. You get to share specialties about your cosmetic surgery clinic.
  4. You can use the website to convince clients to subscribe to your plastic surgery services.
  5.  A seamless website design for plastic surgeons improves credibility.
  6. Having a website can generally boost your digital marketing strategy.
  7. Running a high-ranking website minimizes the costs you could have otherwise used on other advertising channels.
  8.  You can create forums and health communities for your clients.
  9. Provide a wide range of payment methods for your plastic surgery clients.

Essential elements to include in a plastic surgery website 

Several factors determine whether you make it to the first page, where the best plastic surgery websites are listed. That is why you need experts to assist in the plastic surgery website development process. These factors or elements are essential to minimize bounce rate (people leaving your site after a few scrolls).

Here is a list of the necessary elements to run an effective web design for plastic surgeons.

  1. Smooth navigation - Categorize your content, and make your website easy to browse. After all, the quicker clients find the information they are looking for, the higher the chances of booking an appointment.
  2. Eye-catching logo and branding design - Picking the right colors and fonts is critical in plastic surgery web development.
  3. A clean layout and neat design - To have the best plastic surgeon website in your area, ensure the interface is clutter-free. The proper use of white space and sidebars can achieve this.
  4. Practical and concise plastic content - Most clients prefer researching a particular cosmetic procedure before going under the knife. Therefore, web designers should add information to guide patients on the reconstructive procedures they offer, the pricing, and the post-surgery care.
  5. High-quality images and videos - Update your photo galleries to give patients a clearer picture of the services offered and the results. You can even upload before and after pictures.
  6. Personalized 'About Us'  information and introduced the team - One of the first things patients want to know about their surgical procedures is the team. Create a section for the group of cosmetic surgeons at your clinic and even include a few words from them.
  7. Testimonials and customer reviews - These are also called trust factors. Put the best thoughts and recommendations in view on the homepage. Other items that can boost client confidence include awards, certifications, licenses, and videos.
  8. Top security and encryption to protect the patient's confidential data. 
  9. Service areas and maps with the pin location of your plastic surgery clinic.
  10. Live chat is critical for an effective virtual consultation with existing patients and new clients.

9 top websites for plastic surgeons 2023

Here are the best web design ideas for cosmetic surgeons.

1. Liu Plastic Surgery

  • https://www.liuplasticsurgery.com/
  • California

What they have done well:

  • The website uses a minimalist layout.
  • Contemporary element hierarchy on the homepage.
  • High-quality and original imagery.
  • Easy-to-navigate pages and fast loading.
  • This elegant website also features trust factors.
  • All CTAs are well placed.


Suggested improvements:

  • The accessibility button needs to be more visible.

2. The Oaks Plastic Surgery

  • https://theoaksplasticsurgery.com/
  • Houston

What they have done well:

  • The website has a distinctive black and grey color palette with classy fonts.
  • The website design is consistent with the brand and its logos.
  • Seamless user experience on both desktops and smartphones.
  • Presence of trust factors, including patient testimonials, a word from the doctors, and YouTube videos.
  • Urges visitors to take action through storytelling.
  • Use helpful content to promote their plastic surgery practice.
  • Animation showing possible results.


Suggested improvements:

  • With a black-and-white theme, the website would do better with a bit of color, especially in the blog grid.

3. New York Group for Plastic Surgery

  • https://www.nygplasticsurgery.com/
  • New York

What they have done well:

  • A modern website that is easy to navigate.
  • Plenty of helpful information in different categories.
  • Accessibility features on the left side.
  • Attractive testimonial bar with star ratings.
  • Well-placed CTA buttons.
  • Clear before and after the gallery.
  • Grid with all the doctors at the bottom.


Suggested improvements:

  • Possibly adding a map or link to maps with the GPS of all their active clinics in New York.

4. Laser Away

  • Phoenix
  • https://www.laseraway.com/

What they have done well:

  • Content is carefully placed to provide clear guidance to visitors.
  • A map is at the top of the contact page.
  • List of the available services and procedures at the clinic.
  • A drop-down of questions pre-consultation.
  • Making the website visually appealing with a pink theme and a white background.


Suggested improvements:

  • The intro header has too much information. It would be great if some of the content could be pushed lower.
  • Make contact information more visible at the bottom of the page.

5. Lineps 

  • https://www.lineps.com/
  • Las Angeles

What they have done well:

  • A purple and black color theme give the website an elegant design.
  • High-quality images for different services.
  • The developers did an excellent job of highlighting procedures.
  • Magazine-like gallery of recent promotions.


Suggested improvements:

  • The site needs larger pictures just before the 'procedures'  headline. 
  • Add functional accessibility to boost user experience for people with special needs.

6. My Cosmetic Surgery

  • https://mycosmeticsurgerymiami.com/
  • Miami, Florida

What they have done well:

  • The website has high-quality media (images and photos).
  • All contact information is at the top of the homepage.
  • Online consultation from the comfort of your home.
  • Financing options are well listed.
  • Video gallery with the best plastic surgery procedures.
  • Helpful content at the bottom with important information for a new patients to reach them.


Suggested improvements:

  • Add more sections on the website to give trust factors. Including videos, experiences, and reviews, 

7. Aesthetic Institute Chicago

  • https://www.aestheticinstitutechicago.com/
  • Illinois, Chicago

What they have done well:

  • An elegant black and gold theme.
  • The website has high-quality typography.
  • Bios for the Doctors that add confidence in visitors.
  • Lots of trust factors, including certification and accreditation.
  • Latest news blog area.
  • List of procedures and treatments at the bottom.


Recommended suggestions:

  • Wide range of information on the homepage, including imagery and animation. Adding large images gives users an idea of how the website works.

8. Carmony Oral, Facial & Implant Center

  • https://www.drcarmony.com/
  • Texas

Excellent design features on the website:

  • This plastic surgery website used images with muted colors.
  • Straight-forward site.
  • Minimalist theme.
  • Black and white images with an overview of the services.
  • Animated overlay with more information on the procedures.
  • Contact information is displayed well.

Suggested changes:

  • More content should be added to the homepage. 
  • An elegant contact form. 
  • Certifications and awards are at the bottom.

9. Elite Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

  • https://www.eliteplasticmd.com/
  • San Antonio TX

Excellent design elements on the site:

  • The website is simple, with a clean layout and color scheme.
  • Contemporary black and brown color scheme.
  • Animated sections of the homepage.
  • Parallax effect for some still images.
  • Available in two languages - English and Spanish.

Suggested changes:

  • Adding a blog section with three or more blog posts. 
  • The leave-a-review CTA needs contrasting colors.
  • Using more photos.

Do you offer cosmetic surgery and reconstructive procedures? Might you need a new website to boost your plastic surgery practice? Check out the websites on this list to borrow some ideas, then contact us for top-notch surgery website design and marketing.