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Best Social Media Marketing Services

We offer social media marketing services focus on generating more leads through social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. 

Whether you want to maintain a social media presence or generate leads through Facebook, our social media management experts will exceed your expectations.

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We offer social media management services for major platforms such as:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest

If your business needs a high-quality social media marketing and management services, fill out the contact form to apply for our social media marketing strategy session to have a chance to talk to one of our senior social media specialists.

Save time and get more leads

Marketing 1776Our goal is to liberate our clients from the uncertainty of digital advertising and offer affordable social media marketing services.

We offer full-service and best social media marketing agency services for your budget. This can be just managing Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook Ads to get more clients or a complete expert and a professional management solution.

We offer PPC management services that encompass both Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

Social Media Management & Marketing Company

Why do you need a social media marketing and management company? Regardless of what industry your small business is operating in, your customers are on social media platforms daily. When working with a social media marketing agency, you can constantly win over your potential customer’s attention. On the internet, attention is like currency.

Ready to grow your business? 

If your small business is the business to client (B2C) orientated, it’s almost always an excellent option to keep your existing customers engaged and get attention from new potential customers. Most small businesses don’t have an internal marketing team. For this reason, partnering with a digital marketing company can be the best way to start marketing your business without hiring an internal team.

Marketing1776 is a social media marketing agency for small businesses that you can trust, rely on, and constantly bring you results.

Most small business owners can’t afford an in-house marketing department. And others are not skilled enough to produce the right results. That is why you deserve expert social media management. Our social media management experts are professionals in their respective fields who can deliver quality work.


Yes, we offer Facebook management services such as advertising campaign management. And complete if the client would benefit a complete Facebook management service where we take 100% control of the strategy and its implementation.

For most small businesses working with Facebook media management company can help reach almost all the target audiences needed. This is why in most cases there is no need to leverage more than one social media channels.

Our Facebook marketing & management agency services packages vary depending on the number of hours needed to successfully complete the work, the complexity of the work and total advertising budget.

We price our social media marketing & seo services almost the same way, depending on the scope of the project.

Yes. If your business needs an Instagram marketing strategy, we can help you implement a social media campaign that will increase your presence on social media and drive more customers and delivering quality content.

Twitter marketing strategy is not always a worthwhile investment for small business owners. We can offer twitter marketing tips during our general reporting meetings. But implementing twitter marketing strategies should be reserved for higher advertising budgets.

For B2C businesses it can be a cost-effective way to increase brand awareness and attract new customers. Social media marketing service providers generally provide a cost-effective solution depending on the budget.

Most of your current-and new clients are active on social media. Earning their attention means that in the future they will more likely become your clients.

Generally, it is effective to run general branding ads for your target audience on a small budget. Every couple of days’ post on your Facebook page and do promotions on special holidays.

Most marketing agencies have prices depending on the amount of work involved and on how big is the advertising budget.

Most effective would be to find an agency offering affordable Facebook management services pricing packages. Because this will help you grow your social media presence and generate leads at the same time.

Your social media marketing strategy should convert your audience into clients. For this reason your website should be up to date with the latest. We offer web development services which will help convert your social media audience into customers.

Small businesses usually run Facebook ads with a specific Cost Per Acquisition. In most cases relying on your ability to make viral posts which would generate “free” engagement is unlikely.

  • Advertising campaigns aren’t built to achieve your business goals.
  • Inaccurate conversion tracking aka you don’t know how much you spend & earn.
  • Allocating a small budget but expecting extraordinary results.
  • Your social media strategy does not fit your business model.
You need web design services before you even consider developing a website. Similarly you need a social media marketing strategy before you invest your time and money into it. Generaly for most small businesses brand awareness is the main strategy when they do Facebook & Instagram marketing.

Understand your business goal and find a suitable strategy to achieve that goal.

Technical setup where you will see how effectively you are spending your advertising budget.

Ideally you will clearly see your CPL-Cost Per Lead and your EPL-Earnings Per Lead. This will allow you to clearly see your Return On Advertising Spending.

Advertising techniques that target social networks like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter to engage its users to promote your brand or services.

Managing company’s social media profiles. Everything from managing advertising accounts to posting content to engage the audience.

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