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SEO Services

Our SEO service will help you rank on Page #1 in Google. Get in touch, and let’s see how we can help you!

Our professional SEO services help you:

  • Rank #1 in Google Maps.
  • Get listed in top business directories.
  • Get backlinks from quality news article publications.
  • Rank on page #1 for your service-related keywords.
Most SEO companies are unable to rank their own websites for their service related keywords. We on the other hand rank for countless of keywords that help us get clients.
affordable small business seo services

We can help your website get to page #1 too. Contact us today, and let’s get started!

SEO services for small business

Marketing 1776We try to keep our services low cost and affordable for small businesses because of low competition and because local companies have a smaller marketing budget.

Local Business SEO services involve the following steps: 

  • Performing technical work on your website to make it more readable for search engines. Often it is cheaper to build a new site than start fixing all the small problems. You can consider our website development services if your website is outdated and not take all technical SEO aspects into account. 
  • Creating optimized pages for all the relevant services and keyword groups.
  • Writing keyword-relevant content for all the pages makes your pages relevant for your customers’ specific search queries.
  • Creating a professional and optimized Google My Business page.
  • Listing your business in local directories.
  • News publications promoting your business.
  • When your local small business has professionally done search engine optimization, it will have a more significant impact on your business’s growth than any other marketing channel.
  • marketing channel.

Let's grow your website traffic and increase revenue!

If your company is looking for serious business growth, our search engine optimization strategy is definitely for you.

It is important for search engines to have a clear understanding of what your business/company does, what products or services it provides, and where it is located. Our local SEO techniques will help your business rank better in all the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Google Maps search results. 

Ready to start optimizing your website for organic search? 

Get in touch with us online to have an opportunity to talk with our experienced SEO strategist about improving your company’s search engine rankings and earning more revenue from them.

Local SEO Company

Marketing 1776SEO services agency takes into account and understands that all marketing channels pay an important role in increasing your online presence:

On-Page SEO – which means that your website is built primarily to be easy to read for search engines. Have relevant content pages that will rank in Google for desired search terms.

Off-Page SEO – is the promotional side done on other websites aka link building. This is done by posting promotional articles on sites in your area to drive traffic and generate backlinks for your website. This will notify Google that your website is becoming more relevant because it is promoted on other websites.

Having a strong social media presence positively affects your rankings. Professional social media management services help to generate direct traffic to your website, which is a positive ranking factor.

Running paid ads on Google or Facebook will help get you initial traction in terms of more leads and more customers. Because search engine optimization services on average take 6-12 months to show a significant increase in traffic. We suggest considering our PPC management services to help you start getting more leads with the help of Google Ads or Facebook Ads.

Good digital marketing agency focuses on your business goals and not only on one single marketing channel. 

What distinguishes a good from the best SEO company is that the best search engine optimization company focuses on white-hat search engine optimization. That means it puts in more quality work and avoids low-quality link building techniques


Search engine optimization cost will be determined most accurately after an audit. Our SEO service rate is $50 / hour. Cost is determined by the level of competition and how many hours of work we can invest in one client.

If we offer only Search Engine Optimization services to clients we can only guarantee an increase in organic search traffic from Google. How this traffic converts into new customers will be determined by Conversion Rate Optimization and your service. Generally, we aim to increase organic search traffic +300% minimum.

Here is one of our projects where we on-boarded a client in May 2018. After a technical SEO audit, we fixed the majority of issues. After that, the website saw a gradual increase in organic search traffic up to 400% .

SEO results

Yes, we help clients rank their Google My Business accounts in Google Maps organis search listing for their service related keywords.

For most local small businesses that want to know how get more customers will benefit the most from ranking higher in Google Maps results. This means that people searching for your service more than likely will end up going there, if you will appear higher than your competition. Google My Business SEO service will help you rank higher in the results and get more visibility.

If you would like to receive a SEO audit. Please schedule a call and we can perform a live audit of your website during our video call. Our search engine optimization audits cost $500 dollars where we provide you with a detailed report of all the minor and major SEO related issues. Free report can be obtained during a free initial strategy session via a video call.

Search engine optimization is price depends a lot on your current situation and previous work done on your website. Another major factor which determines SEO cost is the current level of competition. First we perform a full website audit and then offer you a package that is suited for your current needs and expectations.

Let’s work together!

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