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Professional roofing marketing services. Get more roofing leads with our digital marketing services.

Marketing for roofing companies includes:

    • Roofing SEO.
    • Roofing Advertising on Google.
    • Roofing social media marketing.
    • Website design for roofing companies.

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Digital marketing has revolutionized the way business approached and got customers. Big online giants such as Facebook and Amazon thrived on the back of digital marketing, but local businesses remained somewhat slow in adopting this innovative style of marketing. However, the trend is changing now and local roofing businesses are quick to adopt digital marketing strategies such as search engine optimization, social media marketing and Pay per click management to amplify their reach.

As days pass, more people are turning online for solutions to their problems. And just like TV or print media, the Internet is going to stay. So, if you believe in it then you should invest in digital marketing to make sure that your business grows as the Internet gathers more strength.

Roofing SEO

Google and Bing are responsible for managing a huge percentage of internet traffic that’s why by optimization your roofing business website, you have a high possibility to rank higher in search engine results.

Why local SEO is important to get roofing leads?

Local SEO is very important for your roofing business in putting you ahead of your competitors. Moreover, it is considered as the best way to generate leads for your roofing business. We provide roofing SEO services which elevate your website to rank on the first page of Google. There are two types of Local SEO.

On-page search engine optimization

This process includes:

  • Use of localized words in the titles of your website pages to make marketing more targeted.
  • Optimization of the entire website with roofing SEO keywords.
  • Creation of high quality and unique content. For example, you can publish about the benefits of metal roofing or any other product you are offering to your customers. Customers’ engagement is very important when it comes to content. It cannot be boring.
  • Use of keywords in tags and image file names.
  • Linking your site to other authority sites in order to improve your reputation.

Off-page search engine optimization

This includes the following factors:

  • Backlinks from authority sites.
  • Uniform listings of your business information. This process is called citations.
  • Social networking sites. This has an indirect effect on your ranking.

Robust online marketing suggests that you are taking care of both on-page and off-site optimization.

Why do you need SEO for your roofing business?

SEO will help you rank higher in search engine results. You will be able to get more traffic through search engines and will have a higher possibility of getting leads that convert into customers. SEO promotes your brand by manipulating specific phrases which customers use in search engines to find a particular product or service. Customers, who are looking for a roofing business in your area for a specific roofing design, will find you easily through online searches. That’s how your roofing business grows by using SEO.

Start a roofing blog for roofing marketing

Although considered as an old school technique, blogging is still one of the most effective ways to draw traffic to your roofing business website. And if you don’t have a blog yet, better launch one and start publishing quality content.

Posting high-quality content will help bring organic traffic to your blog. Not only a blog will engage valuable customers but also it will elevate your search engine rankings if you integrate SEO keywords properly in the content. Also, use the keyword in the title tag. It doesn’t take rocket science to understand that a dormant blog is not going to take you at a higher ranking stage than the one that is refreshed by new content on a regular basis. So, keep it alive!

What should be your SEO strategy?

Keyword research

SEO strategies focus on keywords. In simple words, you need to use targeted words and phrases on your website pages so that when a search engine crawls your web pages, it finds the keyword or phrase which a user enters in the search engine’s bar to find roofing business websites.  That’s why in-depth keyword research is key to an effective SEO strategy.

Get your roofing website optimized

Online roofing business thrives on the number of leads. The more leads you get, the better your business becomes. It is true that roofers get repeat business on the back of the quality they provide to their customers, but several years may pass before a customer returns for repeat business. So, repeat business cannot get you anywhere. That’s why new leads, which ultimately convert, are essential for the survival of your business. Therefore, you need to optimize your roofing website to rank higher in Google and other search engines.

Website design is of foremost importance for your roofing website optimization

Website design services are often undervalued by small businesses. When a customer lands on your website, it is your landing page which is going to make him stay for a while. The more catchy the landing page is designed and written, the more time a customer stays, and the more time he stays, the higher the chance is of conversion. Aesthetics and quality move side by side. For this reason we offer website development services that work in tandem with web designers.

Things like how fast your website operates, quality of images and the written content influence a customer’s decision. If the design of the landing page is not good and the content not impeccable, users will close your page in seconds, which means your website will have a high bounce rate. This adversely affects your search engine rankings. Not good for business!

Remember one thing. Make things simple and easy for customers. For example, your home page should contain your business address and contact numbers in addition to clear details of the services you provide. Not only a customer finds it easy but also it enhances your business’s credibility. A slight trace of ambiguity can ruin your business. Keep it transparent.

Get it started with Google My Business

Google My Business is an online directory of businesses which connects customers with local service providers. With the help of this platform, you will be able to showcase your business on Google Maps, Google Earth and Google Search. It means that you will have an enhanced online presence. If you have not yet set up a website for your roofing business, you should at least set up a Google My Business profile because it plays an important role in local search engine optimization. Hence, it can be the first step to start your digital marketing campaign.

You might be thinking about the charges you will have to pay. Well, it is completely free of charge. Besides, it is very easy. Simply confirm if your business is already listed or not. If it is listed, simply follow Google’s guidelines to claim it.

Roofing Advertising with Google ads

Google ads service is one of the most effective marketing practices for generating exclusive roofing leads. But how to do it cost-effectively? Should you choose PPC? Pay-Per-Click advertising or PPC consistently remains a popular choice among roofers. It helps you buy roofing leads. Our PPC marketing strategy focuses on the following factors:

  • Proper budgeting which suits your particular roofing business needs.
  • In-depth keyword research to produce optimum results.
  • Targeting campaign against the defined audience.
  • Real-time tracking of the marketing campaign to measure performance and make any changes if necessary to boost up results.

Google Ads is a different type of advertising. Well, you cannot expect to have free roofing leads but it is comparatively cost-effective. Traditional advertising such as television service requires you to pay a one-off fee for an ad which runs on the tv screens for a fixed period of time. Your roofing business ad runs on the tv and viewers, who are more interested in watching something interesting in their leisure time, flip the channel when your ad appears. Channels don’t care whether a viewer watches your ad or not. They just bag enormous fees and leave your advertisement on the mercy of luck. Absolutely cruel!

On the other hand, Pay-Per-Click demands you to pay only if a user shows interest in your ad by clicking on it. This makes PPC a very precise, targeted and highly effective campaign in the world of marketing. Simply speaking, PPC puts roofing leads for sale as you only pay when a user takes the lead.

Our PPC services direct your advertising campaign towards the people who live in specific demographics and geographical locations and have physical access to your roofing business, and can take appropriate action on seeing your advertisement.

Some tips for a successful Google Ads Campaign for getting roofing contractor leads

Optimize your location settings

So, how does PPC work? Ideally, with the help of the campaign, as a roofer, you should be able to find customers who have physical access to your business. Long-distance users will have little interest in your roofing business because of access issues that’s why a TV ad campaign, which doesn’t discriminate customers on the basis of location, becomes ineffective. Therefore, it is imperative that your local customers should be able to see your ad. PPC allows you to optimize location settings in addition to the keywords.

Two ways to get your location optimized

Way no 1: Your roofing business can use keywords which ensure that its adverts appear when a browser specifies a geographical location in the search.

Way no 2: Our company will tweak the location settings of the ads to make sure that only users of a particular location see your ad. This works more efficiently than the other one.

This makes PPC efficient.

Keyword optimization

Every day millions of people get online and search for different words and phrases to find different services. Thousands of them will search for roofing businesses by using different words and phrases. Of course, you cannot integrate each and every phrase in your ad. Keeping it smart, we will make sure that only those keywords and phrases are used which have a buying motivation. For example, if you use ‘roofing’ as a keyword, it is too broad to get you any real business. You need to be more specific. People are getting more specific in their online searches by using long phrases and complete sentences.

Have a look at the following examples:

  • ‘roofing marketing pros’
  • ‘roofing contractor marketing’

Some tips on designing workable roofing ads

Well, you will not have all the space of the world in a tiny ad. That’s why you have to be smart and make the best use of the space you are entitled to. So, how to design an ad?

  • Make your headline count. It should be catchy and to-the-point.
  • A sub-headline will add more spice to the ad copy. Headlines make it easy for customers to read and understand in a glance, without wasting much time. Customers really love their time.
  • Include the most relevant keywords in the ad in the most appropriate and natural way.
  • Create multiple ad copies before finalizing the best one.
  • Call to action.

Apart from headlines, the body of the ad is also important. Look, you have succeeded in grabbing the attention of potential customers. Now you have to make them absorb further in your business ad. That’s why you need a superb body for the ad. Just briefly mention warranty and BBB rating. In the end, a confident and well-written call-to-action is a must. If you want to take a better idea, you should check out online roofing ads examples such as ads for metal roofing which your competitors have already posted. Analyze them and create a better ad for yourself. We can help you in creating effective roofing advertising slogans and in designing an ad that sells.

Use Social Media Marketing to get commercial roofing leads

If you are looking for an advanced digital marketing campaign, complement your marketing strategy with social media marketing to get roofing leads online. Social media is very popular nowadays. As most of the people stay online on different social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, it is easier to find potential customers among them. An immediate benefit of this marketing strategy is that your business gets visible in the web space as soon as you create your roofing business accounts.

Social media marketing is considered one of the best roofing marketing ideas. If your roofing business has accounts on Facebook and Twitter, these accounts will most likely appear whenever the search engine shows your website in a search result. In this way they will raise your company’s profile.

How social media boosts up a marketing strategy for roofing business?

  • Your content becomes more visible. For example, when you share a blog post, picture or video on Facebook or Instagram, more people will be able to see it. Some of your followers will like it or share it with their friends and family members, contributing to your marketing campaign. Moreover, social media circulation of your content can get you hundreds of leads which convert.
  • It makes your roofing business credible. If you maintain a habit of sharing short briefings, descriptions, pictures, and videos of business activities such as new product launches, discount packages, events, and ceremonies, it will portray a positive image of your brand, increasing your credibility among existing as well as potential new customers.
  • It helps build a sense of reciprocity. If you share valuable advice on social media, it will most likely create a sense of reciprocity. When people realize that you are sharing valuable information or advice, they will consider you generous and will be grateful to you, and it is highly likely that they will hire your services in reciprocity.
  • Boost your posts on social media: You can pay to promote your social media posts so that they may show up in users’ daily feeds. Facebook and Instagram are two popular social media platforms which you can use to promote your roofing business.  In addition to investing in Google Ads, advertising with roofing facebook ads will give you leverage over your competitors in a neck on neck competition.

Tips to use social media effectively

Please peruse some of the useful things you can do on social media as part of your marketing strategy.

  • Q&A Session. You can start a session to welcome questions from your followers. By answering them and giving valuable advice to your followers you will be able to form a bond with them which lasts for a while.
  • Use Facebook Live video streaming for corporate events. You can use Facebook to live-stream your corporate events such as award ceremonies, promotional events or new product launches.
  • Sharing of testimonials. Customers place high importance in testimonials because they help in the decision-making process. Social media can be a good platform for sharing testimonials. Better it is to post a set of before and after pictures to make your testimonials more credible.
  • Post roofing content from other sources as well. It forms a positive image of your business. Well, customers will find other sources no matter how hard you try to keep them busy on your own. They will get bored and suspicious of your intentions if you keep talking all the time about your own sources, products and services. Let them explore other options. Give them access to other sources and try to convince them logically how you are better than others.
  • Sharing your blog posts. Customers seek credible resources and valuable information before making the final decision. That’s why it is vital that you keep sharing blog posts on social media. If you don’t have a blog, create one. Best for your roofing business!

You might be thinking about how the above-mentioned tips will contribute to your digital marketing campaign. Well, some of them may not contribute directly to your roofing business marketing campaign but they do compliment it by raising your roofing business profile in the online sphere.

You can grow your roofing business by formulating an effective marketing strategy which includes defining the target audience, integrating different marketing campaigns such as Google Ad campaign, SEO and social media marketing.

You can generate roofing leads by a targeted Pay-Per-Click ad campaign. We can help you design the perfect ad which generates valuable leads.

A blog allows you to keep your existing and potential customers engaged. Customers spend considerable time in reading about a particular service or product before buying it. Your blog will give them the knowledge they need. That’s why you should create one.

A blog reflects your generosity as you are giving your followers free knowledge and advice. It will enhance your credibility. It also reflects your seriousness towards your business.

No, you have other options like printing ads in newspapers and magazines. You can also run ads on the tv. But digital space has revolutionized the way we used to market businesses. It has become a habit of people to browse for a particular product or service before buying it. At the time when your competitors are flocking towards online space, why stay entangled in traditional marketing methods which are losing their effectiveness?

No. Google doesn’t consider social media presence for ranking purpose. If you invest into social media marketing services, getting direct traffic from social media is considered a ranking factor in the yes of Google.

Yes, by a wide margin it is. Now the question is how? Pay-per-click is a highly targeted campaign. Our company targets potential customers in a specific geographical location in which you provide roofing products and services. Moreover, you only pay when a user, showing an interest in your business, clicks on your ad. Working with a professional digital marketing company is like having an internal marketing team. Without without paying a huge amount in salaries.

Yes, it does. The landing page ought to give a potential customer the information he needs about your products or services. If he doesn’t find that, he will take no time to close the page and move on. We perfectly design a landing page for roofing businesses so that a potential customer may not get disenchanted when he lands on it.