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Optometrist marketing

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Best marketing services for optometrists and LASIK clinics – we help LASIK clinics and optometrist to get more patients.

LASIK and Optometrist marketing services include:

    • SEO – Search Engine Optimization.
    • Ads – Pay Per Click Advertising.
    • SMM – Social Media Marketing.

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SEO for optometry practice

Search engine optimization for optometry clinics helps rank your website on page #1 in Google organic search results listing. Our SEO consultants will help you audit your current situation and let you know how our agency can help. Search engine optimization is one of the best LASIK marketing strategies you can employ right now.

Google maps

Ranking your eye care clinics Google My Business account will allow you to rank into Google Maps search results for your service related keywords. Marketing consultants can help get your Google maps account above your competition. This is the best optometry marketing strategy which you can employ right now.

Optometrist ads

Running Google ads for your optometry clinic is the fastest way to attract new customers. LASIK advertising on Google & Bing requires more than creating simple ads. Talk to our marketing experts and they will let you know what solution will work you the best.

Social media marketing

Running Facebook ads & Instagram ads for your clinic is a good way to engage your potential clients. You can find LASIK ads which are already running by visiting your competitors Facebook page and look which ads they are currently running?

Yes, you can find competitor ads on Facebook and Google and just create them yourself. Modeling existing ophthalmology marketing strategies and adapting them for your business is the easiest way to do marketing yourself.

You need to talk to them and determine your business goals. And whether and how they will be able to help you achieve them. Marketing 1776 digital marketing agency can help get more leads for your optometry business, call us today to get started.