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Want to gethigh-quality clients for your accounting firm? Our digital marketing services helps accountants attract more clients. Our accounting marketing services include:

  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization Services
  • PPC – Pay Per Click Management Services
  • SMM – Social Media Marketing Services

If you are an accountant or an accounting firm, we can help you get more quality clients. Please fill out our contact form or send us a message via email to schedule a consultation with one of our experts.

With each passing year, the number of graduates entering the workforce is rising. Some of them join national firms, some of them join local agencies while others open their own practices. Almost every new entrant has one question in mind, which is how to market accounting services?

To stay competitive and thrive, accountant firms have to adopt Search Engine Optimization. In addition to this, pay-per-click (PPC) and social media marketing are getting crucial importance. With changing times, business models are also changing. What is intact is the need for robust marketing services to stay in your clients’ heads.

Key marketing strategies for accounting firms:

  • Local Search Engine Optimization to increase the number of visitors from Google.
  • Pay per click advertising on Google.
  • Advertising your business on Facebook to increase the awareness of your business in your local area.
  • Website design and development to make you look professional.

How to grow accounting practice with Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

PPC is one of the most reliable digital marketing strategies. I’ll explain below why is it popular among businesses?

How does PPC work?

PPC is one of the methods of digital marketing for accountants. So how does it work? A company places paid text or displays advertisements on different website pages.

The advertisement owner will pay a small fee to the publisher when an online user clicks the ad. The click will lead the user to your business profile, your website, or your blog. In other words, you are getting paid traffic.

It is like an auction system. The more you pay for the ad, the higher it will be on the search results page. Let’s say you place an accounting advertisement with the keyword ‘SEO for accountants,’ the ad will appear in search results whenever a person searches for this particular phrase. In this way, it is a highly targeted campaign.

What makes PPC different from advertising on TV or in print media is that you are not paying a flat rate for your ad to be shown to people who might switch the channel as soon your ad appears on their screen.

You will spend heaps of cash on a TV ad campaign, sit back to watch what happens, and most likely curse your stars if you don’t get any customers. Well, you can do nothing more than that.

PPC is quite valuable to boost up your online presence. It is considered as one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your business on Google and Facebook.

Why is PPC advantageous for accountants?

Let me tell you four major reasons behind the use of PPC in accountancy marketing.

  • Cost control. You can specify the pay for the ads. It suits well for new entrants who are moving on a tight budget.
  • You only have to pay for the clicks by users. That ensures that your money will lead to some business benefit.
  • Lightning-fast results. The campaign starts right after you authorize it.
  • PPC provides you with useful data. You will get to know what keywords people are using to find your website. You can use this data to be more efficient in creating ads.
  • Improved Targeting Accuracy: You will be able to set tailored ad campaigns to get maximum audience’s attention.
  • You will get leads that convert: PPC works well for lead generation for accountants.
  • Makes you more competitive: You will be able to get leverage over your competitors.
  • Decreased CPA and Increased ROI: Get increased returns on your investment.

Some tips on how to use PPC effectively

There is no doubt about the effectiveness of PPC advertising if you do it right. Let’s see how to use it effectively.

You should use the right keywords

Keywords matter when it comes to PPC campaigns. The selection of the right keywords is an art. While doing that, you should keep in mind that your keywords are relevant to accounting and are service-specific. There are two types of keywords; long and more specific keywords and short but vague keywords.

Short keywords are well-known for pulling in big traffic but at the same time are considered as high competition keywords, expensive and are much harder to integrate into the text naturally and logically. That adversely affects the quality of the overall text.

On the other hand, long keywords will get you low volume comparatively but reflect the interest, affordability, and user’s intent. It is good for long term business.

A targeted landing page

In PPC advertising landing page is very important. When a user clicks on your ad, he or she will be redirected to your business profile or website. You will need a page that is a product or service specific to engage the user. A home page is too general to engage a potential customer.

Moreover, customers don’t have time to surf through the entire website pages. They just skip anything irrelevant in a second. That’s why a well-designed and well-written landing page is a key to convert a user into a customer.

A landing page should relate to the ad. It should reflect the services on which the targeted keyword on your ad is based. For example, if the targeted keyword is ‘SEO for accounting firms,’ the landing page should contain information on how SEO services benefit accounting firms to build up a strong customer base. A landing page should have targeted and honest information for the user. It will add credibility to your business.

Search engine optimization for accounting firms

As time passes on, business models are changing, and so is marketing for accountants firms and other businesses. Gone are the days when outbound marketing campaigns used to work. The era of inbound marketing has started, and it is producing more targeted and efficient results.

Inbound marketing campaign revolves around the techniques employed to increase your firm’s online visibility. People are turning online to search accounting firms, and this may give your competitors an edge over you if you do not acquire online presence.

Most of the accountant firms have already established that. You also can do it, and to do that, you need to utilize search engine optimization(SEO) for your content. Let’s look at what is search engine optimization, and why is it important?

Need for an SEO Audit

Even if you have a website that contains high-quality content, without an SEO audit, the content is not going to get you anywhere. An SEO audit analyzes your website’s technical aspects. You need to submit your site to Google Search Console, which will identify the following:

  • Any issues related to plagiarized content.
  • Crawling problems
  • Broken pages

Once the above problems are diagnosed, you can do it yourself if you have expert knowledge, or we can do it for you professionally and efficiently.

You should review your content and keywords

SEO focuses on keywords, which a user uses in a search engine to find a particular product or service. You need to have thorough research for relevant keywords to integrate into your content so that your website is ranked higher by the search engine when a user enters the particular phrase.

Meta Information

Meta information indirectly affects your SEO health. If a page has a poor title and a poor meta description that doesn’t reflect the essence of the content, it will have a bad impact on your click-through rate and bounce rate, which will ultimately affect your rankings. Just make sure that you are following Google’s guidelines. Let’s look at a poor example:

Meta title: Don’t get tricked by an imposter Company Name

Meta Description: Company name, cookies Policy, email, phone number, privacy policy

Does page loading speed matter?

Page speed has become important over the past few years. A slow website impacts the usability and offers a very bad mobile experience. To check your website’s speed, use Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool. If it consumes more than three seconds for loading, you need to change the website’s design and fix things such as image sizes, CSS files, and Javascript. Our firm can deal with this problem quite effectively.

The website design should be mobile-friendly

Almost every internet user keeps a mobile phone. If a user doesn’t find your website responsive to mobile phones, you will lose valuable customers. So, your website must respond to mobile phones as it does to desktop devices. Otherwise, your Google rankings will nosedive in a matter of weeks.

To take a test, you can use Google Search Console and rectify if there are any issues. We provide the best accounting website design, which is highly responsive so that your accounting business thrives.

Fixing broken pages

Broken pages can result in loss of SEO value and bring your site lower in the search engine ranking. So, they need to be fixed. Meanwhile, you have to make sure that these pages are 301 redirected to the other complete and most relevant pages. That ensures that your visitors are being passed to a page full of helpful content.

A look at SEO tips for Accounting Firms

Quality content: Keep in mind one thing that you are writing and publishing content for potential customers and not just for Google and other search engines. Therefore, your content should be fresh, useful, educative, and informative. Better create a blog and keep it up to date by regularly posting high-quality content. Write new content as well as update the old one.

Imagine if you are a customer and you reach a website and find that they have not posted new content on their blog for the past three months, what message will you receive? A non-serious attitude by the company, of course.

Appropriate Titles and ALT attributes: Online SEO content targets search engines that’s why your titles for each page must contain top organic keywords.

100% Unique Content: A thorough and effective accounting firm marketing plan suggests that the content you use for marketing is 100% plagiarism-free. That is challenging because there are many other websites just like yours and which are producing content that is related to yours.

It is likely that you inadvertently post something duplicate. Guess what? The search engine will penalize your site. So it is better to get it checked for plagiarism before publishing it. Let’s look at the unintentional ways by which your site may get penalized for plagiarism.

  • Having two pages with identical content on your website
  • Pagination

These problems should be solved at the earliest detection.

Creation of a sitemap: A sitemap is very important and makes it easier to index your site. It is quite simple, but if you miss it for any reason, a search engine will take several months to crawl your website. Bad for business!

Benefits of SEO for CPA firms

Our SEO services can benefit your accounting firm in the following ways.

  • Visibility on the webspace: You will come in reach of your customers through online searches. That will make your business fast and efficient.
  • Help in lead generation for accounting firms: You will receive quality leads that will turn into potential customers. What then? Your business will grow dramatically.
  • Makes you highly competitive: Our SEO services will elevate your firm above your competitors in search ranking results. By out-ranking your competition, you will be able to pull in more customers.
  • Maximizing ROI: Our SEO services will help you increase your Return On Investment ratio. Your firm will be able to collect big profits in return for the small investment you make.

Why should SEO be a part of the marketing plan for accounting services?

Past are the times when clients skimmed through telephone directories to contact business firms. Now everything is just a click away. The Internet is helping customers in their searches by producing thousands of results in a matter of seconds.

Potential clients first compare different accounting firms by analyzing customer reviews before determining which accounting firm suits them best in terms of physical access and results.

Amid this rush, every accounting company wants to be found at the top of results on a search engine’s first page to attract maximum traffic to its website. Our firm expertly deals with SEO advertising for accounting firms, making sure that you get leads that convert.

Our experts determine the target audience and strive to draw these clients to your website.

How social media marketing for accountants help them grow?

It is likely that you already have been advertising with paid traffic and have done SEO on your website. And you might have been doing well at search engine rankings and getting leads that convert. But still, are you going ahead of your competitors?

The Internet changes fast, so does the sphere of digital marketing. The way social media has entered our lives is quite remarkable. We have realized this very well, and that’s why our firm will fully cover the social media space to promote your business.

Perhaps you have already have created accounts on social media, but do you have a coherent social media marketing strategy to take your business promotion a step further?

Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, and Pinterest are some effective social media platforms you can use to increase your online presence. In short, social media and accounting can go together very well.

Skepticism about social media marketing for accounting services ends

Social media was not quite popular among accounting firms until last year. They preferred social media use just for professional networking and not for business promotions. Accounting businesses considered it too informal a platform to share sensitive information and use it for marketing.

But the trend is changing now. Many accounting firms are using Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for promotion purposes.

How can social media help in a successful advertisement for accounting services?

Social media tools such as blogs, community forums, Facebook, and Twitter offer a speedy, cheap, and effective opportunity to launch your marketing campaign. With our social media strategy, you will be able to target your marketing campaign towards potential clients.

You can stay in touch with your competitors and monitor newly formed industry trends.

Our firm will focus on anchoring your social media presence to make you more competitive. Once this is done, you need to create great content and promote it on various social media platforms, which will point back to your website or blog.

Some social media tips for accountants

Spend time to understand and learn how it works!

You should approach social media after arming yourself with the latest knowledge and strategies specific to your particular industry. It doesn’t matter whether you implement the social media strategy yourself or outsource it to a professional marketing firm. The information you will harvest will have a considerable impact on the educated decisions when you are in the planning phase of the strategy.

What should you do on a social media account?

Tell people what you are doing: Perhaps you have organized an awards ceremony for your organization or have been busy in team-building or any other social event. Why not tell your customers about it? You can share pictures, short video clips, or a brief description to stay in touch.

Engage with your audience: Social media provides you an easy way to engage your audience directly. Among your existing clients, this builds up confidence while at the same time, it helps bring more clients to your firm. What actually happens on social media? Your clients have lots of questions about their particular issues or about your firm. Answering them can get clients’ satisfaction, which is the key to sustained growth for your business.

Yes, it does. In this highly competitive business environment, you need an online presence to stay in business. SEO plays an important role in keeping you at the top of search engine results.

Accounting firms can get clients through paid advertising, such as Pay-Per-Click ads and Search Engine Optimization on their website.

As more customers choose the Internet to procure services, SEM is important to interact with potential customers. That’s why most firms choose Pay-Per-Click advertising.

Of course, you can brainstorm them or hire an expert to do that for you. But the most feasible and logical choice is to outsource it to a professional digital marketing firm. At our firm, we analyze the nature, scope, and client base of business and formulate a unique marketing strategy that maximizes your investment returns. While you are messed up with your business matters, let an expert firm deal with the marketing problem.

Yes, it is. Google doesn’t like broken pages. Good website design with complete pages and a site map is very important for your website to fare well on search engine ranking.

You can post pictures, videos, and brief descriptions of your services on social media to promote your company.

Keywords are words and phrases which a user puts on the search engine’s page to see their desired results. You can find them through Google Adwords, or we can do it for you. We will find not only relevant keywords but also do comprehensive analysis before using short or long-tail keywords.

Yes, it can if you mistakenly overuse a keyword. We keep in mind the right keyword density so that your content may not be considered as spam due to keyword stuffing.

It is simple. We provide business development ideas for accounting firms. We focus on the sustained growth of your businesses.