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If you don’t know how to get catering clients, our catering marketing services will help to get more leads for your business. Our marketing agency offers services such as:

  • Search Engine Optimization for your catering business.
  • Google Ads pay per click management services.
  • Social media marketing services for your catering business.

If you want to get more catering clients to grow your business, fill out the contact form to apply for our strategy session with one of our experts.

The Best Marketing Plan For A Catering Business

Do you want your catering business to be a lucrative venture? Instead of waiting for the stars to come down to you – start implementing innovative marketing strategies. Partnering with a digital marketing company guarantees, that you will have better results than trying to do everything yourself.

The catering business is not as easy as you think they are. You have to stay competitive to survive and be a winner here. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

PPC Advertising

Pay per click advertising on Google is one of the quickest ways to bring visitors to your website and get new leads. First things first – before you think of maximizing your marketing budget online, make sure you have discovered keywords that will generate leads for your business.

Advertising platforms such as Google Ads allow to quickly generate new leads for your business. You only get to pay if someone clicks on your ad.

  • PPC saves new websites the stress of following the long SEO process.
  • You can reach out to as many people as possible.
  • Creating professional pay per click advertising campaigns on Google can bring in new clients quickly.

Hire A Digital Marketing Agency

Marketing agencies help small and large business generate more leads for their business. Marketing your business alone can be a complicated task. For this reason, choosing the right partner will guarantee that you will be ahead of your competitors.

Your catering marketing ideas might feel right to you, but consulting a digital marketing expert will help you understand which strategy will bring results. Consider implementing only marketing strategies for a catering business designed by dedicated marketing experts.

Getting catering leads

Having a beautiful website design will help you generate more catering leads from all of your advertising efforts. Don’t just design a website because you think it will look good. One of the biggest reasons for having a website is converting visitors into leads and new customers. For this reason website development and design have to work together to build a fully functional website.

Having pictures of that food is a great idea. But also consider publishing unique content about your business and events.

Do you know how much people like to talk about events?

Imagine when someone loves your site and content so much that every other person around them has to know about it. You need a social media presence to keep your audience engaged. It will have a rippling effect in your local area, which will attract new catering leads and customers.

Doing content marketing and social media marketing is how to promote your catering business without paying much for catering advertisement.

If you are passionate about your catering business, it won’t cost you anything to write about things you do for a living.

You can even be the voice in your industry for everyone seeking to upgrade their catering marketing skills.

Look for catering clients everywhere

Don’t be a little shy now – you shouldn’t underestimate the power of your words and the lasting impressions it will create. That way, marketing catering business can be easy for you. So go out there, connect with people and try your best to impress every bit of them. Always be on the move to places like golf clubs, bridal shops, exhibition centers, and don’t forget to meet with your fellow wedding planners.

These people and places will make sure that your catering services advertisement gets to clients faster. Drop your business card on their office table and give them a discount on most of your goods or services.

You know what? People know that the food they serve at weddings is different from what they get elsewhere. So tease them with one of those your delicacies and watch them tell you the story of their life.

You can even add more grease to your engine and take your menus and business cards to those rare places that others don’t deem necessary. These catering advertising ideas will teach you how to grow your catering business.

Banks And Offices

People who work in financial institutions and banks stay long hours and find it hard to leave their offices. Make things easy for them. Don’t wait for them to come looking for you, take the field of play to them.

Law Firms

Lawyers, attorneys and people on this side of the world are among those who stay late hours due to long intervals at work. The best catering marketing plan is to go to their offices, tell them they are the chosen ones, then invite them to a meal as proof. The time of the meal should be immediately after work when they need food the most.

Catering Ads Companies

This group of people will have to squeeze out time before they can get things done. It’s always a busy day for them, trying to deliver their multitudinous clientele. If you think you are that good, snoop around them, and they may be happy you did.

Consumer Markets

The best way to search and find something is to keep searching. Weddings are always the highest family reunion that drags friends along as well. People are scattered all over the place. So be where your customers are – be everywhere. Keep up the good work, and you will soon learn how to market a catering business.


Do you know how to promote the catering service? If you don’t, bloggers know how. They know how to say it and make you want to hear it the more. As part of your catering promotion strategies, you need to join forces with born bloggers. And this is how to go about it.

Recipe Blogs

Go for big-time bloggers. With their type of blog, you can as well learn catering promotion ideas. If you are a caterer and you feel you can offer a recipe that the blogger doesn’t have, then it’s a sign you should contact them. But while you dance to their tone, don’t go outside the perfect circle.

  • If they are singing about diet, show them some dance moves on low-fat recipes.
  • If they are drumming on food for diabetic patients, turn up with sugar-free recipes.

Be useful to them, and you will not only carve a route for yourself but also land in that sweet spot where their audience will now dance to your tone. When you make a name for yourself and you will. Add your info and also provide a link to your website. This way, you will earn some search engine optimization links.

Wedding Blogs

As a caterer, this niche will teach you how to advertise catering business and show you how to increase catering business ideas. Don’t just go to any blog, find the big names. Pitch them an article on how couples can cut down on expenses and still keep their menu intact. Also, you can write about how brides can make a gown of seven colors with as little as they have. Use your words and lead them to those rare venues that are better than the expensive ones.

The more a wedding draw closer, the more confusing things get. There are some options on the menu which the couple will omit.

But a good caterer can seize such opportunity and play the role of a reminder.

Shine Hard

You have to brand your catering business and let your customers fall in love with your business swag. Mere words won’t clinch the deal. You need to put those words of yours into action. It brings out the shine in you. Only a high level of sophistication and style will take the yoke off your neck.

Combine the ideas of others and brand your company to standard. Sampling a cool graphics artwork on your catering van will show your uniqueness. There are a lot of black and white trucks out there, but yours should create the impression of excellence and style.

We know your catering van cost you a lot. But pimping it is a good idea. But don’t stop there. Let that shine of yours reflect on your brochures, menus, letterheads, and any other thing that is going to the field with you.

Leave your customers wowed – from the mouthwatering food on the table to a well-composed mail that will attract clients. Unless you are a genius in graphics design, otherwise hire a pro to get the work done. Remember its business – spend that cash and get it back.

Most times, hard work seems to be the only one paying. When you channel your leads well, things will start to adjust to fit. And that is how to find catering clients.

Check these ideas, and learn how to get catering clients that will invite you to work for them.


What would the event service industry look like without catering businesses? They don’t take the long way of going to look for a permanent business spot. The next event is their new shopping plaza and so on. As such, online marketing is the key to web visibility. Whether you are new to the business or you have lasted for ages – try and be online and you are everywhere.